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Andy Jenkins

Jul 11, 2017

Many times, we envision God as being anxious, stressed, or angry… 

Or we see Him as Holy. As a Judge. As Righteous. 

The Bible tells us that God is also joy, though. In fact, one third of the Kingdom of God is joy (Romans 14:17). And, we learn that the One who sits in Heaven laughs (Psalm 2:4), rejoices over His people with singing (Zephaniah 3:17), and empowers us to lean into His joy- as that is our strength (see Nehemiah 8). Indeed, the sound of the throne is one of joy (Psalm 89:15).

When Jesus came, it was a message of great joy (Luke 2: 10), and He communicated deep truths to His disciples so that their joy would overflow (see John 15:11). He even tells us to enter into the joy of our Master (Matthew 25:21). 

Did we miss something? 

We often equate tears, mourning, and seriousness with spirituality. And, we equate happiness and laughing with… well… irreverence (if expressed in a church service).

Listen in… and see, sense, and experience something new. 


In this podcast I refer to the Grace Basics video series. Learn more about The Happy God in the intro video, which you can stream free in the following locations: 

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