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Andy Jenkins

Nov 20, 2017

Somewhere, we got the idea that faith is the strongest force in the universe- that it’s even more powerful than God. That our faith- or lack of it- restrains Him from being able to do His greatest work(s).

Yes, there are a few verses in the Bible that point to the importance of faith. The problem, though, is that we pull them out of context and forget that Jesus isn’t telling us that He is shackled or handcuffed by our lack of faith…

Rather, He’s empowered, because of His own faith. 

His faith is the “God kind of faith,” that kind that can speak to fig trees and watch them wither….

It’s the kind of faith that can send demons fleeing…

It’s the faith that spoke Creation into existence…

In other words, His is the kind of faith that believes something and watches it manifest, and continue manifesting… 

I know. We’re not God. So it’s a tall order to step into that kind of faith, right? Or is it?

You see, the New Testament tells us that our “old self” is dead and that we now live the life of Christ. Furthermore, that life is lived by the faith OF the Son of God- not by faith IN the Son of God (Galatians 2:20).

Don’t miss the subtle difference there ^^^^. It’s powerful. You see, if we believe we’ve got to manufacture something, to raise our belief-quotient in order for God to be able to move, we’ll live from a place of desperation.

But we’re sons and daughters. And sons and daughters don’t relate to their Father (when the relationship is healthy) from a point of desperation…

We relate, well… as sons and daughters.

As heirs of all things.

Including His faith. 

His faith… that is now your own.