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Andy Jenkins

Oct 14, 2017

It’s easy to look at our own pain, compare the cause of it to someone else’s story, then think, “Hmm… I’m crazy to be feeling like this over what’s happened to me. I’ve got it better than most people. Who am I to complain?”

True. Someone always has it “worse” than you. There’s always ANOTHER story with shadier characters and darker details. 

At the same time, the wounds we feel are REAL, regardless of how they compare to someone else’s. And, we don’t know. How they interpret the pain they’ve experienced, either. Pain is different for each of us.

You see, the things that “knock me out of the game” may barely phase you. And the things that bring you to your knees… well, they may barely be a blip on my radar. We’re different, so we experience hurt differently. 

That means this…

First, we should help each other. We’re both weak in some areas and stronger in others. Thankfully, our strengths usually complement each other’s weaknesses, meaning we can all lean on each other. 

Second, we’ve got to deal with the pain. The loss. The wounds. The emotional hurts. The trauma, even…

If emotional wounds left physical scars, we’d certainly deal with them immediately. Quickly. We wouldn’t neglect them. 

But, because they don’t… 

Emotional hurts can go “underground” and hibernate. For a while. Eventually, the raise their ugly heads…

Sometimes, that leads us to feeling guilty about the pain we have. Remember, someone always has it worse off? Rather than stopping there… let’s move forward, locking arms, stepping towards wholeness + redemption. 

That’s the subject of this talk.



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