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Andy Jenkins

Jan 5, 2021

God doesn’t simply reveal truth to you so that you can study it; He reveals Himself to be encountered and experienced.

When He shows you another facet of Himself (in this book or anywhere else!), He's inviting you to receive it. And, I guarantee, God is better experienced than merely explained.

Moreover, He invites...

Dec 29, 2020

In the final talk in our Life Planning series we discuss time management— and the reality of tradeoffs.


We’ve got to be honest with ourselves; we can’t do everything.

And, a yes to one thing is most often a no to something else (and vice versa— a no now empowers us to say yes later).


Dec 22, 2020

Wherever we focus our time + energy will grow— for good or bad. So, it’s important that we focus on the things we want to grow.

In talk #3 we dive deep into the law of the harvest, that is, sowing and reaping. And, we see that it works in every area of life.


Sowing and reaping is a principle...

Dec 15, 2020

In talk #2 of the Life Planning series we discuss the soundtrack which plays in our heads.

Who’s got a bad one, sometimes?

And, who needs to change the story they tell themselves?

Yeah— all of us at one point or another…

Here’s why…

👉 We’ll live from the story that’s playing there moreso than...

Dec 8, 2020

Many of us hate goal setting, but we know we should do it. That is, living with intentionality is better than “doing random” or just “going with the flow.”


But maybe there’s something about how we’re often taught to set goals that unsettles us...